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moscow arhive of new art

The idea for the production of MANI Folders belonged to Andrey Monastyrsky, who at the time showed great interest in such a project. A lot was said at the time about the way that a collective publication should be. A number of different forms were proposed – everything from informational newsletters to voluminous hand-made bound journals. In the end, the archive was chosen as the right form – the Moscow Archive of New Art [Moskovskiy Arkhiv Novogo Iskusstva or MANI]. Other forms simply did not suit that time, its mood, our isolated condition. This was the only collective printed work of that period, and it carries in itself all of the period’s traits and qualities; in its naturalness, it reminds one of cigarette butts found on the street, of sparrows, or stray dogs who were able to stand up for their rights in the collective evolutionary mess. Vadim Zakharov